Logo Design

Below is a logo design project for Creative Point Marketing & Advertising Agency 

The key challenges faced when designing a new logo


Functions of the logo:

  1. Presenting the company in the marketplace.
  2. Informing the market and the audience.
  3. Shaping the brand’s image.
  4. Making the company and its product stand out among competitors.
  5. Protecting property rights.
  6. Guaranteeing quality to the consumers.
  7. Drawing attention to the brand.
  8. Increasing consumer loyalty.
  9. Serving as the basis of the corporate style.

The new logo should remain recognisable

Design a new logo for the business that would communicate their unique offering, allow them to stand out, and differentiate from the wide range of recruitment companies online.


Creating a Logo Design

In order to design the perfect logo that targets the correct market and broadcast the right message, I need to grasp a strong understanding of your business, competition and audience.




The brief is used to tell the designers the main information on the project, the goals, and objectives, and the requirements and wishes of the client.

Stage 1. Brief

Stage 2. Research



This research ensures I know your business inside out, so I’m able to design a logo that represents the uniqueness of the company or product.

Professional designers will always do their own analysis: study the market, the brand’s competitors, their logos and identities, examine contemporary visual trends as applicable to the project at hand.



Working on the chosen versions

Various color solutions and elements are added to the logo.  Positioning relative to the graphics, size, font. In typographic logos (those that consist of text or a stylized inscription), every letter is processed and every element drawn out, transforming a mere inscription into a text sign.


Final presentationt

 The main task is creating a brand image — first as a verbal description, then through association, and ultimately as a visualization.

Stage 4. Final presentationt

Stage 5. Different versions


Different version

Different color versions of the logo are made: full color, monochrome, black, and white. Sometimes a simplified version is presented for smaller rendering options.


Delivery & Support

With each design, I also include a series of high-resolution images to help visualize how the logo will look in real-life use. For example, on business cards, a shop exterior, clothing and more... To help understand, I have included a few images on this page from my logo design portfolio.Apart from versions of the logo, the final presentation normally also includes examples of logo placements on products, in corporate paperwork, advertising communiques, etc.