A creative Ideas and Solutions


Building a brand is a journey, a process of discovery, strategy, creativity and action: a process that starts from the Now and explores new opportunities, new challenges, new markets.What is the perception of your brand among consumers? Is the experience you deliver the best possible one for your brand? Do you really know your target deeply? How do they think, behave, and truly feel?What’s the big potential your brand has in terms of innovation?


  • Brand Guidelines
  • POS
  • Packaging
  • Website/E-commerce
  • Photography


  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand Story
  • Tone Of Voice
  • Logo Design
  • Identity System


  • Brand Analysis
  • Research
  • Consumer Insight
  • Brand Positioning
  • Naming & Baseline

76% of Consumers Prefer to Spend on Experiences than on Material Items

Consumers identified “inspiration and meaning” as the most sought-after quality in brands.

For this particular set of attributes. 76 per cent of all consumers would rather spend their money on experiences than on material items.


A creative determines the creative vision, Ideas and Solutions.

I had the opportunity to work for WYETH- AYERST for different projects.

My Tasks: Concept Development /DesignIllustration/ Photography

I have worked on various projects for Philips.Among all the jobs that I did for Philips, I am very proud of the project Philips Incredible Festival Roadshow. It was a great opportunity  to bring my ideas to life.

My Tasks: 

Design/ Photography / Artworks

Crystal Mineral Water

I designed a corporate identity for Crystal Mineral Water. This time, I had to think about the brand myself. Nothing was defined and it was up to me to come up with the name, corporate identity bottle design, Marketing Strategy and positioning the product in the market.

My role as Head of Branding  gave me creative control of image,  online advertisements, weekend events, collaborations and even the style of the product. 

Corporate identity, Television & Radio Advertisements